Friday, March 28, 2014

Future posts will be ending for this Family Blog and moving to Twitter and Instagram!

I find I am using the Twitter and Instagram format more and more and have decided to put family posts there instead of here. 

Rylie's Gymnastics's Blog is still active and will continue to follow Rylie's gymnastics journey.

Evan's page has a lot of new additions that are being added as soon as I can get the pictures uploaded.

So follow me on twitterhere:  Geekymamaw's Twitter
Or follow me on Instagram as "mamawsbedandbreakfast"  at this link:  Mamaw's Instagram  for the latest in family fun!

This blog will stay up and you can return here anytime to see any of the past posts.  I am also ending my knitting blog and putting my knits up mostly on Ravelry and of course Twitter and Instagram.  

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