Monday, July 21, 2008

Steve and Kristina on the Rapids

Steve and Kristina at Ohio Pyle having fun in the rapids. Contrary to what the picture shows, Kristina said she really did most of the work. :) Steve of course disagrees and has the sore muscles to prove it. I think they both got quite a workout and really had fun.

Kid's Day in Morgantown!

    The temperature was in the high 80's hot and humid. Perfect day to play in the fire engine's water supply and chase the bubbles floating in the air. Rylie and Evan spent the day with us and we had so much fun. There were all kinds of games, prizes, and even a jumping trampoline. Afterwards, we all hit the pool to cool off after ice cream of course!
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Click on the pics to enlarge and see details. Also, enjoy this short video of Evan and Rylie chasing the bubbles!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

We will miss our Mimi!!! June 19, 2008

During our vacation this year on June 19, 2008, Bill's mother passed away unexpectedly. She was very soft spoken and gentle and we will miss her every day. On the day she left us, there was such a beautful rainbow in the sky that gave us much comfort. Mimi and Pop's had just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversay last month. Her grandkids remember the special Easter Egg hunts every year when they were little. Rylie would often visit to have Mimi's special spaghetti that she said was the best in the world. She was a very kind and loving mother, grandmother, and mother in law. We will miss you, Mimi! Madeline Ruth Davis 1936 - 2008

My Youngest Daughter is 30! May 5, 2008

 Stacy has made that big milestone of 30. We celebrated at Texas Roadhouse with dinner and of course Stacy being sung to while sitting on their saddle. Isn't she beautiful? I'm so proud of her and the women she has become.
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Evan's First Haircut (April) 08

 In April, Evan had his first professional haircut. The video is posted on "You Tube" and is so cute. I am having trouble linking the video in this post so just copy and paste this link into your browser until I get it working.

Visiting Granny April 28, 2008

 Granny is now 92 and doing well. We visited her and she seemed happy we were there. Rylie and Evan are the 5th generation for Granny. She is their great great grandmother.
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