Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Trick or Treat

 Elmo and Pumpkin Spice are ready to hit the streets for the candy and treats. Mamaw and Papaw gave out candy while the kids took off for the fun. The neighborhood had nearly 300 kids this year. So cute.
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Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Much Needed Vacation in Lancaster, PA

 This has been quite a stressful year for us. Bill and I decided to take a few days and rest in the Amish Country of Lancaster PA. The weather was great. We shopped at the Amish stores, Kitchen Kettle Village and rode the train in Strausburg. We really enjoyed the peaceful quiet town of Lititz. I discovered the best chocolate in the world called Wilbur Buds made right in Lititz. Bill and I really needed some rest time and Lancaster County filled the bill.
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Taking Pops home to Metuchen, NJ

 Pop's has long wanted to return to his hometown of Metuchen, NJ. An old classmate was located and offered to show us around town. Pop's graduated High School from Metuchen and immediately went into service during World War II. His brother Richard also went into service and was killed in Germany. Pop's was able to see for the first time, Richard's memorial marker that honors his brother. Metuchen is a beautiful town. Very peaceful and friendly. Pop's friend, Don Wernick was a former mayor of this town. It was a great trip.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Goodbye Granny! We will miss you!



My grandmother known by all who met her as simply "Granny" has passed away just 2 weeks before her 92nd birthday. I have so many memories of her that make me smile. Granny made the best fried chicken and chocolate pie in the world. She always found blackberries for me to eat when I came to visit because she knew I loved them so. I look back now and realized that they didn't have much money and that was such a gift. Granny let me play dress up with her high heels often when I was little. She never once had a cross word for me and many times she would say how she loved those babies. I learned from Granny a few tricks on how to be a good grandmother. I also learned many old time stories, recipes, and traditions that were never written down. The best thing I remember about Granny is how she would get tickled and laugh so hard at something. She was a hoot to play Canasta with. We always joked about her intense playing of the game. She would talk to the cards...."be there" and cuss when they weren't there. For Granny to cuss, she started the word and ended the word but would leave out the middle of the word. "Sh......t" was her favorite cuss word. The funniest memory I have of her is when a truck carrying cows overturned on the highway and scattered the animals everywhere. Our car had broken down and we were parked at the side of the road when a small cow ran toward Granny. Granny screams "buuuulllll" and dives into the car. Granny always liked to come and help me when my kids were little. She cleaned house, helped cook meals, and it was so appreciated. Trying to raise two young kids and work was really hard and I really needed the help. These are just a few of the great memories I had of my grandmother. My only regret is that I didn't share these memories at her funeral. I have always been too emotional to do such things and I missed an opportunity to share with her friends and family what wonderful things she did for her grandkids. I will remember her always and am happy to share these memories with the world through my blog. Goodbye Granny!!!!!I loved you very much. I will miss you. Please enjoy these pictures of our last visit in April with Granny. She was so happy to see the kids. Sneak a peek at the scrolling pictures on the left of Bill and I when we were young. You will see a picture of Granny standing next to Bill in the wedding picture with the grandparents. She would have been about 62 in that picture.
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