Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Most Beautiful Big Red Dog!


Why do I carry this beautiful animal on my bag at work? Well, it was given to me by a very excited granddaughter at Christmas. Her Mom said she picked it out with her own money. It's a purse for Mamaw. I love it! Not just because that beautiful child thought of me, but I really use it. I can always spot my bag among the other 40 or so identical bags at work. I can place my lunch money, pictures of Rylie, of course for bragging sessions, and extra little things I often need (like paperclips). My "office" is truly all in my bag. I have a computer, notebooks, and lots and lots of "important stuff". But nothing is more special that looking down at that dog (especially when the days are tense) and realizing that my heart is right there. It always makes me smile. Posted by Picasa

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